Sinclair Stud is a boutique gypsy vanner stud situated in North Canterbuy Christchurch New Zealand.

Westfield Sapphire  


This elegant mare carries Ee gene and TT gene


Birth : 15/3/2010

Pattern : Tobiano

Sire : Clononeen 007 - Gransire /Dam- Andrew Mouldens White Horse. China Doll - Lennys Horse

Dam: Clononeen Annabelle

Grandsire/Dam - Chestnut and White Mare.

Est Height : 14hh

Reg : PT 1347 -  NZPTHS

Reg : GVHNZ00055 -  GVHSNZ - pre stud book

Reg : GV03868P - GVHS - pre stud book 

Reg : NZGCA - PUR00007




This mare is outstanding in so many ways


Birth : 5/12/2014

Pattern: Tobiano

Dam - Westmoreland Magical Lottery (usa)

SIre - Westmoreland Cracker Jack (usa)

Grandam - Westmoreland Pumpkin(usa)

Grandam - Westmorland Magic (usa)

Grandsire - The Lottery (usa)

Grandsire - Westmoreland Tristan (usa)

Est Height : 14.2 hh

Reg : GVHSNZ  - GVNZ00061

Reg : NZPTS -  PT2141

Reg : GVHS studbook - GV04004 

Reg: NZGCA - Pure109




SS Hustler's Charm


This striking mare carries Ee gene

and TT gene.


Birth: 17/10/2014


Sire: The Hustler

Dam : Westfield Sapphire

Grandsire :John Pratt's Paddy

Grandam : Clononeen Annabelle

Est height : 14hh

Reg: PT1437 - NZPTHS

Reg: GVNZ00056 - GVHSNZ - stud book 

Reg : GV04105 - GVHS - stud book 

Reg : PUR00083 - NZGCA 




Ailish carries the Ee aa Tt Ct/n gene

Birth: 29/10/2015

Pattern: Tobiano

Sire: Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice (imp USA)

Grandsire: The Laughing/Smiling Horse(UK)

Dam: Clononeen Sorcha (imp UK)

Grandam: The pink eyed mare (UK)

Est height: 14.2 hh +

REG : NZPTHS - Sill pending

Reg: NZGCA: Pure-00108

Reg: GVHSNZ - Still pending

Reg: GVHS - Still pending




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