Gypsy Vanners


A quality Performance Gypsy Vanner Horse posseses a body style, athleticism, and wonderful temperament capable of performance in a variety of specialized riding and driving showing disciplines, yet remains true to the pure bred Gypsy Vanner Horse. These are horses that offer a well rounded variety of skills and attributes, enhancing more than just what they were originally intended for. These horses do not only excel as driving horses, but are ideally suited for under saddle performance and show.
Vanners are outstanding in there beauty,looks and tempraments. We are looking forward to competeing with our Gelding GR princes Royal Prize, he is known as a grand vanner which will mature to est height 15.1 both of his parents (imp from usa)  are from Westmoreland Farm where they have the most beautiful vanners in the world, We have started our breeding programme with selectively chosen mares and stallions to bring nothing but the best progeny on NZ soil. We look forward to making some beautiful baby's you can show off to the world. We'd Like to Welcome to our Stud Chatto Creek Ailish who has outstanding bloodlines on both sire and dams side which we will be future breeding from. SS Hustler's Charm is another one to watch as she matures she is sired by the famous 'The Hustler' located in USA from Superior Stables, He is putting a stamp on his progeny and we are very lucky to have a quality filly from him.


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